L &  B Metals Frequently Asked Questions.

What is L & B Metals?

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What services does L & B Metals offer?

L&B Metals provides Construction and Demolition waste management. This includes materials such as concrete blocks, tree limbs, wood, sheet rock, etc. We offer Scrap Metal Recycling. This includes materials such as lawn mowers, refrigerators, steel poles, washing machines, and more. We also offer Mulch and Rock Delivery. Our max range is 50 miles and we can haul a max of 8 yards, that can be dumped in specific locations around the site.


How much does waste removal cost?

For Commercial L&B Metals uses 200 cubic foot trailers that are available to rent Learn more… For Residential L&B Metals charges a base fee of $20, which varies depending on location and quantity of waste. Learn more…


What days are we available?

L&B Metals is available every day. For Guaranteed scheduled service L&B Metals must be notified a week in advance. It is possible to get next day service, if our availability is open.


Where is L&B Metals located?

L&B Metals is located in the Chapin area but provides service throughout the midlands.


How can I contact you?