L&B Metals Residential Services

Waste Management



L&B Metals forms to Residents to give each and everyone a unique experience. Our services can be provided multiple days a week to keep job sites clean and on schedule. Our service works well for people that want to renovate their home, remove trees and debris from yard, and have any sort of waste needing disposal.


L&B Metals currently uses 200 cubic foot trailers multiple times a week, however we are working on expanding to dumpsters and containers to create more efficient and convenient ways to haul waste. We haul most waste with the exception of liquid or hazardous materials.


There is a $20 base fee that varies depending on quantity and location.

*Reasons why the price varies include but are not limited to excessive yard waste, dump fees, bagged or not bagged, and weight.

Scrap Metal Recycling



L&B Metals provides scrap pickup in the midlands. We use 200 cubic foot trailers. These trailers can be loaded by L&B Metals’ Employees or residents. For Scrap Metal Recycling we require an address and pictures, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (803)575-2820.


We do not charge for Scrap Metal Recycling.

Mulch and Rock Delivery



Delivery is requested by either phone or email. Our max range is 50 miles in the Columbia Metropolitan area. One week guaranteed service, however depending on availability we have same day delivery


L&B Metals purchases mulch and rock through landscaping companies throughout the midlands. We will purchase mulch or rocks at specific landscaping sites upon customer request.


Delivery Distance Price per trip
0-10 Miles $35.00
11-20 Miles $40.00
21-30 Miles $70.00
31-40 Miles $100.00
41-50 Miles $140.00
*Delivery fee only; additional fees apply for materials